There is debate on Chinese social media about whether this situation is sexual harassment or not. In my opinion YES it is. Why? Well because whilst the South Korean male reporter was doing his job in front of the camera, 2 female soccer fans randomly jump in front of the camera and force kiss the journalist. If you watch the clip you can see how the 2 female fans had no respect for the male reporter when they sexually harassed him with the kisses. After the 2 kisses, the reporter identified as Jeon Gwang-ryeol of South Korean TV channel MBN gives an awkward smile/laugh because it was something he didn’t expect to happen. This incident happened on June 28, and it seems that this debate about “sexual harassment” has blown up on Chinese social media outlet Weibo. Chinese netizens pretty much debated the question of sexual harassment and toyed with the idea that if genders were reversed it would be seen as sexual harassment. 

Here are some of the points which Chinese netizens bought up (via BBC News):

“It is a very sharp contrast with the previous news,” one Weibo user said.

“Why is this not sexual harassment?” asked another, whose comment received hundreds of likes.

“If it’s a good looking person (kissing), it’s not called sexual harassment,” one person wrote sarcastically.

Other users “called for equality between men and women” and said that the response to this incident shows that inequalities still exist.

Some users also had a problem with the media using the term “beauties” when referring to the women.

This debate has taken huge traction in China, and it is so contradictory that some netizens feel if pretty women force kiss a man without the man’s permission then it is okay because they are attractive… where is the logic in this? Jeon didn’t asked to be kissed and it is clear from his reaction he was ashamed and embarrassed. That to me is sexual harassment, and it s absolutely disgusting behavior from these 2 female soccer fans. 

The World Cup has come under fire for these type of incidences as on June 21, Colombian TV reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran was groped and kissed by a male fan whilst doing her report on air. She ended up making a complaint to her employer DW Sports Spanish and the network called out this sexual harassment. So with that logic, we can also conclude that Jeon was sexually harassed by the 2 female fans so let’s call out this disgusting behavior. 

To end, I would like to remind people that this sexual harassment seems to be a common fixture in international sports. Just in April, a Hong Kong female TV sports reporter was sexually harassed when 2 rugby fans (white men) who also forced kisses onto her. When she reported this to her manager, he pretty much fobbed it off telling her she has no legal standing to lodge an actual complaint. Seriously people WTF is going on with all this sexual harassment? I will leave my post here. 

Images via BBC News

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