Seriously, you cannot make this shit up. According to Frieze, a French art school advertisement that had group photo of students at a museum was digitally altered by having some white students look darker and also adding brown people in the mix as well. What is perhaps more appalling is that it was outsourced to a PR agency that did the worst photoshopping ever.

More from Frieze:

The Émile-Cohl art school in Lyon, France, has issued an apology after a promotional photograph was found to have been digitally manipulated to show more black students. The photo of a class trip to an art gallery was being used on a website advertising the school in the US. The image has since been removed.

In the doctored image, white students featured in the original photograph of the class had their skin darkened, and black students were digitally inserted into the group, in an effort to produce a more ‘diverse’ image to appeal to US students. The photos went viral after being posted by a former student to Twitter.

Émile-Cohl college has placed the blame on a PR company. They refused to name the agency, but pledged to end its contract with them. The school apologized: ‘because it goes without saying that we disapprove of this process.’

College director Antoine Rivière said that the school had sent the photo to a US communications company, to be used as advertising for a subsidiary school in Los Angeles. He said that he had not given permission for the image to be altered. ‘This is the antithesis of what represents Émile-Cohl’, Rivière said.

Sure, blame the Yanks. Anyway, check out the side-by-side comparisons.

But, seriously, this one takes the cake! it’s as if Bob Marley and Sideshow Bob did it and this dude is their progeny.

All I want to know is…