Who invented this, Bruce Wayne?

A video has gone viral hawking a new contraption where you can place your foot on a mini-mat that automatically covers the bottom of your shoes, allowing you to go in doors without tracking any dirt inside! Called the “Step In Sock Cover Reusable Hand-Free Boot Shoe”, it’s currently listed on Amazon but with a “coming soon” listing (although there seem to be knock-off versions already being sold), so we don’t know how much this contraption is going to cost.

As some people have expressed how amazing this thing is, billions of Asians are probably thinking the same thing — “Uh, why don’t you just take off your fucking shoes?” Not because it’s the obvious thing to do, it’s probably cleaner than those covers, and also, why pay for something that you can do yourself for free?

I mean, I do get that some people may see some benefit, especially workers like plumbers or farmers. But this video’s key selling point is to offer these covers for visitors to your home. There are countless studies that show eye opening results of what lives on the bottom of your shoes, but yet, white people still wear their shoes indoors. Or in bed. Or on the couch. I mean, c’mon, people!