One of the most funniest Asians in the mainstream for me has always been KEN JEONG. Ever since I first saw him on Hangover I have literally fallen in love with him because he gives off the vibes as a funny, yet humble man. And in real life he is. I have since met him a number of time but I had the opportunity to speak to him one on one at the CRAZY RICH ASIANS  press junket where I told him that I was so star shocked to be able to speak with him one on one. 

He as expected was so humble, thanked me and gave me a hug…. so it will come to as no surprise that I am a HUUUGE fan of this hashtag – #KENFORSUPERMAN.

According to Resonate, an image of Jeong’s head superimposed on Superman’s body appeared online created by Twitter user Gary Boughter who stated:

 “If Henry is out as #Superman I think Ken would rock that role!”

This is how Jeong responded to the tag, in true KEN JEONG fashion:

This is so important to me. I have always thought I should be Superman. I already have a cape.

And as you know a hashtag like #KENFORSUPERMAN just took off and is now trending on Twitter with others joining in on this campaign. To be honest, Jeong looks pretty good as Superman don’t you think??? You can see this second image of Jeong as a full bodied Superman – this image was first posted by William Yu ( creator of the viral #starringjohncho hashtage)

Oh yeah and let me say one more time…. #KENFORSUPERMAN!

H/T Resonate