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Lost Causes

10 Hollywood Films Where Asian Characters were ‘Whitewashed’

With the recent release of Mar...

Arty Farty

The 50 Most Influential Asian Characters on TV (Pre-FRESH OFF THE BOAT edition)

Image by Offender David Asi...

The Journey


To celebrate the moment when H...

The Journey

Welcome to YOMYOMF 2.0!

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Lost Causes

Racist Tweet of the Week (5-26-18)

You may have heard that a motorist in Fremont, California, pulled the whole racist "slanty eye" thing on a Korean American veteran earlier this month....

Lost Causes

How Kim Jong Un 'Baited' Trump to Cancel Their Summit

Hey, does anyone know if Donald Trump picked up his Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to North and South Korea? Luckily we have the commemorative c...


SOLO's Emilia Clarke is a 'Stealth Asian'

Emilia Clarke in SOLO Who knew GAME OF THRONES/SOLO star Emilia Clarke was a "stealth Asian" (to quote Vulture's E. Alex Jung)? From Clarke's recen...


Asian People Wearing Inappropriate T-Shirts (5-22-18)

We've all had premenstrual tension so we can relate, dude.