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Lost Causes

10 Hollywood Films Where Asian Characters were ‘Whitewashed’

With the recent release of Mar...

Arty Farty

The 50 Most Influential Asian Characters on TV (Pre-FRESH OFF THE BOAT edition)

Image by Offender David Asi...

The Journey


To celebrate the moment when H...

The Journey

Welcome to YOMYOMF 2.0!

Image by Offender David Chan...

Philip's Offenses


SLIPPERY STAIRS May be the Greatest Game Show in the World

Yes, I stand by the statement in the headline that SLIPPERY STAIRS may just be the greatest game show in the world...nay, the universe. The concept of...

Obscure Crap

Happy Asian American Thanksgiving 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving! How are your favorite Asian American peeps celebrating the holiday? Check out a social media sampling of their Thanksgiving tweets...


Asian People Wearing Inappropriate T-Shirts (11-21-17)

The meaning of life right here, folks. (via Bored Panda)

Obscure Crap

Racist Tweet of the Week (11-18-17)

For the love of Jesus Christ, make it stop... If they played this in China it would definitely be the weakest chink 😂 #BBCCiN— Liam M...