Do you feel like being angry and punching something… like an immigration officer? Well if you do read this. Videos have emerged online with Home Office Immigration officers in the UK, escorting a young woman out of a business in London’s Chinatown with the traumatic scenes of the young woman’s mother running out and pleading with the officers to let her daughter go. Soon protesters assembled and the officers then man handles the protesters and the mother who is crying and pleading to have her daughter let go. The shit and not so surprising part is the officers didn’t give a shit and kept on doing the dirty work they get paid to do by grubby Western Governments.

These traumatic videos and photos were posted by British Chinese KALAM TANG who has stated that these immigration raids are happening on a weekly basis and it is the Chinese community getting targeted.

Here is an excerpt from Tang’s post:

Home office immigration officers now make weekly visits to the business in London Chinatown.

They wreak havoc on the daily lives of the business owners and employees of the community.

Today they have crossed the line.

A lady pleads to the officers to let her daughter go. She pleads in front of the van. The driver reacts by driving the van forward and hitting her, in an attempt to get her to move.

The lady, as well as other protesters, are then man handled by the officers.

The Chinese community is being aggressively targeted, and it is unacceptable.

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Theresa May you’ve once again shown what a class A cuntbag you are.

The saddest part of all this is, if you read the comments under Tang’s post, you can see other British Chinese people supporting the immigration offices and bantering on the lines of “the law is the law” type BS. Here are a few choice ones I have chose.

Way Wong commented and said: Where is the footage of the police van hitting the Chi Na women ? All I can see from other source is the officers trying to push the van AWAY from her. If she illegally work in UK, immigration officers has the power to arrest and expel them !

We have been tolerated too much of these kind of rural protest like non sense yelling, hit the car by their body, taking of cloths ! Its time to expel those illegal stay person back to China.

Alan Lee said: I agree. There is a proper way of entering the UK legally. Illegal immigrants not entitled to be in the UK should be deported back to where they came from. If you want to be a UK Citizen, do it the right way..

Lisa Tang says: law is law!

Danny Ngan stated strongly:  the cops have done a sterling job, acting professionally and more gently than they should!

And these are like only the first 5 – 10 comments under that video. There are more comments going on the same, racist, white worshiping lines from other Chinese, Asian and POC netizens adopting this type of “I love white supremacy” and “ban immigration” type talk. This to me is the most depressing thing fellow Chinese, Asians and POC are happy to behave so racist towards their own. Sorry, to me the excuse of “the law is the law” ain’t good enough for me. In Australia the “White Australian Policy” was the law too for over 70 years and the Holocaust was also the law as well in Europe…. so… if we follow that logic where does that leave us? I will provide updates on these raids and contact Tang for more information as well. I will leave my post here.

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