It’s so weird that parody is reality now, where what you think would be a video or article from The Onion is, in fact, real life.

After the historic US/North Korea “peace summit” in Singapore yesterday, where Donald Trump made history as the first U.S. sitting president to shake hands with North Korea’s leadership, dictator Kim Jong-Un. A 40 minute conversation led to the signing of a “denuclearization agreement,” which was basically four bullet points and nothing else. It was like a tweet, Trump’s defacto way of communication.

Trump soon attended a press conference, where he called Kim “talented” and that the two countries have a new bond. However, prior to the press conference, a video was shown to reporters that was put together by a video production company called “Destiny Productions.”

The Guardian posted the video and outlined more from the presentation:

Reporters were shown a video ahead of Donald Trump’s press conference in Singapore, which the US president said he had played it to Kim Jong-un and his aides toward the end of their talks. It was made by Destiny Productions and was presented in Korean and English in the style of an action movie trailer.

Wow. This ain’t no joke. The President made a movie trailer reminiscent of ARMAGEDDON starring himself of Rocket Man himself. It’s mindblowingly crazy. But, perhaps it worked? Apparently during the meeting of the North and South Korean leaders in late April, a similar video was shown that also had inspirational music and dramatic, slick footage.

Could B-Movie trailers actually work, where Kim and Trump are the stars, and a weepy, women’s sunglasses wearing Dennis Rodman on live TV do the trick for world peace? This is the world we live in. But for fuck’s sake, it’s a language that a dictator and a wannabe dictator seem to connect with. Whatever fucking works, I guess.