(Image via NY Post/Getty Images)

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is paying another visit to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to follow up on the last month’s Kim-Trump summit and according to South Korean media outlet The Chosen Ilbo, Pompeo brought two gifts for Kim courtesy of the Tangerine Nightmare currently occupying the White House: a letter from Trump himself and an Elton John CD containing the song “Rocket Man”.

If you remember–“(Little) Rocket Man” was the insulting nickname that Trump previously gave Kim.

Now why would you give a gift to a world leader you’re trying to make peace with that directly references something that was meant to be an insult? According to White House sources, the gifts “reflect Trump’s expectations that Kim will follow through on the pledges in an agreement the two signed at their summit.”

Or to translate: this is just Trump being Trump and God help us all. I really wish I were as high as a kite right now.