I am a big fan of the indie music dramas SURROGATE VALENTINE and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, both about the love and travails of traveling musician Goh Nakamura (playing himself) and directed by Dave Boyle (MAN FROM RENO). Both of these award winning Asian American dramas came out in 2011 and 2012, where they had prodigious film festival play and are both available for download and rent on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

I’ve always felt that this indie drama should have been a trilogy, even though I personally loved how DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ended. Well, fast forward to present day, and it looks like we are getting the third chapter after all and better yet, Boyle has given the reigns to actress Lynn Chen, who wrote and directed said chapter, entitled I WILL MAKE YOU MINE. She has an interesting take, revisiting the characters in this film universe, but from the perspective of the female characters.

Chen will reprise her role as Rachel, the girl who got away. Goh’s other loves in the previous two films were Erika (Ayako Fujitani) and musician Yea-Ming Chen (playing herself). As stated earlier, the film will be from the perspective of these women. Each has a flawed history with Goh, yet they believe he may be the answer to their problems. And much has Goh really changed? Can he finally make a choice?

I WILL MAKE YOU MINE finished the first half of production this past August and they’re resuming the second half this coming November and need help to raise finishing funds via Kickstarter.

What is intriguing, to me, is Chen taking the lead on this final chapter, and switching the perspective of this universe to the female characters in Goh, the character’s, life. It is an intriguing concept. In addition, this is Chen’s first directorial effort, which is no easy task, but with original creator Dave Boyle giving his blessing to her to just run with it, and also serving as an advisor, indicates that he sees great potential in this purportedly final chapter in SURROGATE VALENTINE.

Anyway, today is the last day for I WILL MAKE YOU MINE reach their stretch goal of $40,000 and they’re literally a few hundred dollars away from making this happen (at the time of this writing). So, let’s help them reach that finish line!

If you’re a fan of the series or want to support great Asian American indie cinema, then go ahead and contribute. Today is the last day to make it happen and help nudge I WILL MAKE YOU MINE to getting completed.