Life is an unexpected adventure that can lead you to different paths. One never knows when some unbelievable discovery may lead to salvation. The same happened to an artist Kazuki Takizawa. He was greatly impressed by the art of glassblowing. Being a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa he visited his first glassblowing exposition. He told the experts from Solutions4WeightLoss and NBC News that he simply fell in love with this incredible art. From the very first visit, it was love at the first sight. He was amazed and captivated by the scale of feelings and pleasant emotions he felt once he saw the glassblowing studio.

According to his words, this was some sort of magic, which was revealed with the help of technical production of glass. He was hooked immediately and that hold seems to remain forever on his heart. This art helped him to express his thoughts and emotions. At times, it is difficult to tell what you really think and feel with the help of words. Oftentimes, the art, especially glassblowing, serves as the universal and very effective medium of communication.

You may be from different countries, of different religious beliefs, traditions, and race. Nevertheless, this specific art may unite regardless of all those differences. You don’t even have to know the languages of one another. The art will bring you together.

This was crucial for Kazuki because he is an introvert. It is known pretty well that such sort of people doesn’t come easily together with the others. They speak little but feel a lot. It is difficult to get out of them at least a couple of words. However, it turns out that there are multiple cases when such people become a great artist. This is the source of great inspiration and nobody can disturb you.

The same goes with Kazuki. He claims that the glassblowing art opened a great mental strength within him. Nowadays, the 31-year-old uses this art as the universal medium for communication with himself. Undertaking his work, he battles his mental deviation and becomes stronger.

Such behavior is pretty common for all Asian Americans. They are less likely to turn for help to mental services. People of Asian American communities wish to overcome their troubles on their own using various methodologies. A special survey showed that only 8.6% use such services compared to 17.9% of the general population in the U.S.A. For instance, the experience of Takizawa proofs this fact once again.

After college, Takizawa suffered from severe depression. At the same time, his brother lived through the similar horror and both brothers had suicidal thoughts. Takizawa isolated from the outer world trying to enhance his mental health. Glassblowing turned to be his unexpected salvation.

Today, he participates as a volunteer in mental health organizations and shares his successful experience with people who have similar problems. He has a strong belief that his path will help other people the same way.