The importance of Godly figures and their tales have been an inseparable part of Indian culture for ages. Artists in India still continue the tradition of taking Deities and religious epics as the subject matter of their paintings.

Even the traditional art forms such as Madhubani, and Pichwai holds the baton for Lord Krishna paintings for thousands of years now.

Even the modern & contemporary artists make Lord Krishna has their theme to engrave dazzling paintings with strikingly alluring colors and fine strokes of the brush.

Krishna is a charming and perhaps the most known deity of all. His tales of childhood and Mahabharata are extremely influential and known by most of the people in India.

This blog is being scribbled down to exhibit the importance of Lord Krishna with respect to the art in India; specifically the paintings.

Let’s take a look:

Pichwai paintings

The term ‘Pichwai’ is derived from the Sanskrit words “Pich” (meaning back) and “wais” (meaning hanging).

This art form is supposed to come from the Nathdwara district and is dated back to the 17th century when Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ruled.

To avoid the carnage of Indian culture & art, artists starting pouring their time and energy to carve some majestic piece of Lord Krishna paintings.

The theme of the Pichwai paintings is the life tales of Lord Krishna paintings.

For instance, Ball-Gopal (childhood of Krishna) is one of the favorite subject matters of the Pichwai artists. People perceive these art pieces as a sign of prosperity and happiness.

It is common to find one of these artworks in homes, offices, and so on.

Another depiction is from the time when Krishna delve into and played in the Vrindavan forests. This theme is known as Banke Bihari.

Another theme is Raas Leela that reflects the true love that exists between Radha and Krishna. The paintings of Radha Krishna are highly recognized for the love and purity in emotions.

Madhubani Paintings

Originated from the states of Bihar and a part of Nepal, the backstory of Madhubani paintings comes from the epic of Ramayana.

Still, a lot of Madhubani paintings are based on the life tales of Lord Krishna. Since Krishna is such an impactful and powerful deity in the Hindu mythology, artists are unable to overlook him.

Whatever the traditional paintings are based on, if there is mythology, there is Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna Painting’s importance

Krishna is known as a symbol of love, affection, justice, and power. People are highly inspired by his tales and thus want to get their hands on the mesmerizing artworks of Lord Krishna.

Krishna paintings are known to be presented as an ideal gift on various occasions such as birthdays, baby shower, wedding, and so on.

You will also find the exquisite paintings of Lord Krishna in the office & home of people.

Additionally, people gift these paintings at different festivals such as Janmashtami, Diwali, Holi, and so on.

Today, contemporary art has also inspired abstract artists to capture Krishna on their canvas using their innovative tactics and superior designs.

Krishna is timeless and will be there even after thousands of years from now in form of art.