I am pretty sure if you have been reading the news online, this controversy would have come across you radar. And yes it really is nothing new considering the trend of white people/ media trying to whitewash Asian foods/cuisine.

Over the past few years we have seen a number of outrageous shit on western online media platforms and by western chefs who use their white privilege to totally change a classic Asian recipe without realizing that all the classic elements which make that Asian recipe special are all removed. Just take a look at this one, where the Guardian UK published a recipe by “Waitrose & Partbers’ Beautifully Simple” where instead of boiling a whole chicken ( to make a stock (to cook the rice in) and to use the pieces for the Hainese chicken) this whitewashed recipe uses chicken fillets instead. To throw more fuel to the fire instead of the traditional chili sauce with ginger and some type of soy sauce, this whitewashed Guardian recipe uses some stupid honey lime chilly sauce.

Yups totally butchered to the max and whitewashed to the max. Can white people just stop doing this shit please!!! Mothership Singapore has more to this story: 

The Waitrose & Partners version of Hainanese chicken rice, however, looks nothing remotely like chicken rice:

And here is the supposed recipe for whitewashed Hainanese chicken rice.

Ingredients in the dish

According to the ingredients’ list, this is what is required in the recipe:

Salad onions (spring onions)

Red chilli

Grated zest and juice of lime


Chicken breast fillets

Jasmine rice

Hainanese paste

If you were wondering, the lime and honey goes into a sauce that is drizzled on top of the chicken and rice.

So basically it’s a rice and chicken salad not Hainese Chicken rice. Well as for me I will stick to the original recipe because I am not going to partake in eating any whitewashed version of this classic Singaporean dish.

Many netizens were unhappy and commented on Guardian UK Facebook page with their anger:

Images via Mothership Singapore 

To read the original article, please click on: UK’s The Guardian scandalises Hainanese chicken rice recipe with chicken fillets & honey lime chilli sauce