This guy definitely never lived up to his calling as a monk considering what he has been found guilty of. Wiraphon Sukphon was a former monk from Thailand. A week ago, Thai courts finally sentences him after a 5 year investigation and extradition ordeal. Sukphon will receive a 114 year jail term for money laundering, fraud and cybercime. All of this started back in 2013, when he was filmed dressed up with a Louis Vuitton bag, designer sunglasses and ready to board a private jet. He also had a number of bank accounts with funds worth as much as $700,000 USD and he did all this by raising funds online and tricking innocent donors stating that he wanted funds to build the largest emerald Buddha image.

He fled to the US once he was found out and has been extradited since to face the music. SCMP continues this story:

“Judges convicted him and sentenced him altogether to 114 years,” the official said, adding that under Thai law Wiraphon would not serve more than 20 years for the convictions.

Wiraphon was also required to return 28.6 million baht (US$861,700) to 29 donors who filed complaints.

The ruling on the rape charge is expected in October, a public prosecutor said.

The monk is accused of having sex with an underage girl around a decade ago and fathering a child with her. He faces the prospect of an additional 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Thailand is mostly Buddhist and the religion is woven into everyday life, with most men spending at least some time in a monastery as novice monks. But the junta that seized power in 2014 has taken a strong line against a Buddhist clergy mired in scandal.

Good that he has been caught and will spend beyond his life span in a Thai jail. I am pretty sure if he gets reincarnated it won’t be anything great or blissful. May he rot in jail.

Images via SCMP

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