A sudden earthquake hits Yellowstone National park as thousands of people were there to catch a glimpse of the rare total solar eclipse on 21th August, 2017. Recent studies from US Geological Survey have indicated that 3.2 magnitude quake took place just 9 miles of the West Yellowstone in Montana, which is the edge of this national park. Yellowstone is known to have one of the dangerous volcanic calderas on a global basis and is known to be feared of a major eruption, which will bring nuclear winter like effects. It is a long overdue problem and is likely to be a challenge for the entire world to face.

Fear of triggering the volcano:

Due to series of earthquakes taking place over here, geologists fear that it might trigger the volcano which is rumbling from 12th June. There are more than 1400 tremors in the said region by August 3. Experts further state that this warm of volcano is said to go for another at least a month. However, the earthquake on 21st August hit at 3am local time. It was followed by another 2.5 magnitude quake, which took place around 7.23 pm on yesterday’s local time. It was at the depth of six miles, which can further lead to fears, which are likely to grow with intensity.

Earthquakes are slowly increasing intensity:

Express.co.uk finally discovered that such earthquakes are slowing increasing its intensity over here, which is said to trigger the Yellowstone Park Supervolcano in no time. From the time July 31st, there are somewhat around 300 small earthquakes, which hit in and around this park, with the magnitude between one and two. However, the powerful one was on 21st August since 3.1 magnitude, which further hit 30 miles west of the West Yellowstone on August 10.

The recent quake and its fears:

The recent magnitude of this earthquake is 3.2 magnitude, which is considered to be relatively minor. But, if any one takes place over 6, then that can be considered a major earthquake. A recent statement came from the national park service, which states that August 21st is anticipated to be the busiest day in the park’s history. So, this kind of earthquake did not fail to instill a new fear in people’s mind. It further added by stating that traffic gridlock, heavy congestion and long delays are some of the scenarios, which took place on that day.

The mark on 21st august:

Just for getting a glimpse of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of full solar eclipse, people from various parts of the country came over here. Visitors were even seen with full gas in their tanks and extra drinks and food to cover the long waiting. However, according to some conspiracy theorists, eclipse can be a warning sign that it’s the end of this world. Just hours before the eclipse, a 5 magnitude quake struck 50 miles just off the coast of the Chiapas in Mexico. Just like taking care of nature, you should try taking care of bill consolidation loan, as well to avoid monetary based problems.