Talk about disrespect. A short video has been doing its rounds all over Chinese social media (Weibo) of a young son kicking his mother 5 times all because she didn’t allow him to play on the phone. The grandmother who can also be seen on the video is trying to defend the mother who is taking all the kicks without reacting.

Online media reports indicate that this all happened at a hospital at Guangzhou, with the son being around 10 years old. Shanghaiist reported on this and made a few important points:

As an unintended consequence of its one-child policy, China has become infamous for its so-called “little emperors,” only children that are given everything they need by their parents except discipline. After watching the video, one expert expressed that this kind of thing is happening more and more often in China and that parents need to do a better job of disciplining their kids.

“It is the parents that are at fault here, not the child. They need to show the boy how to behave,” commented one Weibo user.

“If this were my kid, I would beat the snot out of him,” another netizen writes.

Well, let’s hope the kid’s behaviour improves as he grows up or else he will be extremely difficult to handle as a teenager…

Image via Shanghaiist

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Boy throws tantrum, kicks his mom five times for not letting him play on phone


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