If you haven’t ever taken a liking to SANDRA OH, well I think this will change your mind for sure. I absolutely love Oh, and have loved her ever since I first saw her on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr Christina Yang. Since those early days, Oh has just continued to shine, speak up, stand up and has really done so well for herself and for Asian representation.

Her latest role as MI5 officer Eve Polastri in BBC America hit “Killing Eve,” got her an Emmy nomination, but unfortunately she didn’t win, but that didn’t stop social media making an issue of it, as we noted last night here on YOMYOMF. In any case, it seems that Oh didn’t allow this to dampen her spirits, and I think what won everyone over was how she bought her parents as her dates to the Emmys. What that shows is how filial and what an awesome Korean/Asian daughter she is. Oh definitely has not allowed fame get to her head and ego.

On the red carpet for the Emmy’s her mother who donned the awesome Korean Hanbok ( traditional dress) spoke about how proud they are of their daughter and all her accomplishments and gave Oh a kiss on the cheek. I think that is one of those moments which we Asians will always remember when we think about Oh.

But wow what about her mother’s Hanbok? Mrs Oh looked so gorgeous and it is clear social media all agreed that she definitely was an awesome representation of Korean culture. Many on social media stated this may be the first time a Hanbok was rocked hard on the red carpet. Regardless, Oh have really done Koreans in mainstream Western TV proud in how well she has been in her career to date, and this is just the beginning as I know we will be seeing more of Oh to come!

Even though she didn’t win, she has always been a winner in all our eyes!

Images via BBC News

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