Please repeat after me: WHAT THE EFF? Pro-Trump Alt Right activist/personality has recently had his dating profile deleted from feminist dating app BUMBLE. His name is JACK POSOBIEC and he is denying that he created this dating profile. However, Bumble has confirmed that the dating profile they deleted was linked to Posobiec’s actual Facebook page. Twitter user Lindsey Ledford was the one who found the profile and Tweeted it out before Bumble took action.

However, this is not what is weird about Posobiec’s dating profile. Media personality/journalist JEFF YANG has found a very intriguing, yet disgusting fact stated in Posobiec’s Bumble dating profile. In the “About” section it states that he can speak “ZHONG WEN” (中文), which in Mandarin means “Chinese”

And yes I agree with Yang, that it also makes me want to vomit. For obvious reasons I am sure I do not need to spell out why this is weird, disgusting yet intriguing at the same time. All I will say is:

ALT RIGHT’S ASIAN FETISH (yes this topic again, but it is the only thing I can conclude from this)…

I will leave it here for you to mull on it and we can then all vomit together. Feel free to let us know what you think…

H/T Buzzfeed


  1. A racist and knows “zhong wen”? Perfect catch for auntie chews around the world.