• Alfredo

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    YOMYOMF's in-house egg.
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  • Anderson

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    I'm a cultural worker from the 'aina, currently residing in the City of Angels.
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  • Anson

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    Filmmaker by day. Food lover by night. World traveler in between.
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  • AsAmNews

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    AsAmNews is made up of a group of journalists, former journalists, and concerned community members dedicated to bringing all things Asian America to you. You can find us at and on Twitter at
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  • bao

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  • Beverly

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    Asian American Female Fairy Seeking Life, Love, Adventure, and the occasional acting gig.
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  • Bruce

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    Curated by Shannon Lee/Bruce Lee Enterprises
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  • David

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    I have a license to geek so get outta my way! My mind is like being in the best hobby shop ever from Akira to Zatoichi I love'em all!
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  • DHH

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  • Dominic

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    Writer-filmmaker, nerdcore superhero specialist, geek party planner, karaoke aficionado.
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  • Elaine

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    Searcher of soulful food, elegant design, and compelling stories.
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  • Emmie

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    Greeting card gnome and coveter of beautiful wood furniture.
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  • Eric

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  • Erin Chew

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    Asian Australia Social activist and entrepreneur. New to freelance writing and kinda loving it! Go Aussies
    Twitter: @echewy
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  • Iris

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    Script whore writing for film, TV, animation and stage -- basically any gig I can get.
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  • Jerome

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    Weirdness is a virtue.
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  • Justin

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    Filmmaker. YOMYOMF Founder.
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  • L. Lola

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    Writer, author, playwright, blogger, commentator, thinker, fighter. Born and raised in the Bay Area, but my mind is everywhere.


    Twitter/IG: @akolaurenlola

    Show support over on Ko-fi!:
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  • Liz

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    Cause I'm a Ho, you know I'm a Ho.

    I love big budget blockbusters, Trek, Hello Kitty, and paper crafting.

    T/IG/SNAP: @TheLizHoShow
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  • Philip

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    OG Offender. Born in a crossfire hurricane. Lover not a fighter.
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  • Quentin

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    Quentin Lee is a filmmaker who has directed Shopping for Fangs, Drift, Ethan Mao, The People I've Slept With, White Frog and The Unbidden. He has also produced #1 Serial Killer and Big Gay Love.
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  • Roger

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  • Sarah

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  • Sung

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  • Tura

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    Siouxzan Perry: Tura Satana's longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions LLC
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  • Yellow Peril

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    Yellow Peril = CBRUHS, Veebs and Oki. Incoherent and inappropriate life/relationship advice, dildo jokes, and sociopolitical commentary. The drunk person sitting next to you on the Uber Pool.

    Send us your Qs, confessions, woes and Drake memes to [email protected] or via Twitter @itsyellowperil #yellowperil
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