Netflix just dropped the first international teaser trailer for Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s OKJA, the highly anticipated new film from the director of SNOWPIERCER, THE HOST, and MEMORIES OF MURDER.

The Korean/US co-production tells the story about a young girl who lives in the deep woods of South Korea’s mountainous Gangwon Province with a “massive animal” named Okja, and does everything in her power to find her best friend when Okja disappears.

More from The Hollywood Reporter:

OKJA attracted much interest about the mysterious titular character, and the newly released clip features a glimpse of a large, brown-eyed creature with elephant-like skin, and a description in Korean that it is ‘somewhere between human and animal.’ Oscar-winner Erik-Jan de Boer (LIFE OF PI) is supervising the visual effects of the $50 million film.

Other cast members include Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Lily Collins (To the Bone) along with Devon Bostick (The 100), Byun Heebong (The Host), Shirley Henderson (Anna Karenina), Daniel Henshall (The Babadook), Yoon Je Moon (Mother), Choi Wooshik (Set Me Free) and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead). Shooting locations for the film include South Korea, Canada and the U.S., and is in English and Korean.

A quick observation about Tilda Swinton in the teaser. Is she channeling Sia?

Here’s a play-by-play of the teaser, which is in Korean:

A platinum blonde Tilda Swinton appears to be behind Okja’s creation: “I took nature and science, and synthesized.” The sequence also shows the lead South Korean actress, Seohyun An, frantically searching for Okja in the woods, along with the caption in Korean that reads, “love and the fear within it.”

Most likely to world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, OKJA is set to premiere globally on Netflix in June and will also have a limited day-and-date theatrical release in the U.S.