Hey, here is a heart warming story to make you go all soft inside, because it shows how filial of a son YAO MING is. After achieving heights in his career as a pro basketballer in China as well in the US (NBA), Ming at 37 has just achieved another milestone. Yes, he has graduated from University, which he had promised his parents that he would do when he was just 17.

Ming started his studies at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2011, after he finished off his career as a NBA player with the Houston Rockets. This is what he told the SCMP about fulfilling this promise:

“At a certain stage in the future, you should try to combine your future with the future of the society, because that’s how you can find larger space for yourself to explore,”

“Let me quote a famous conversation that happened on a basketball court 11 years ago, ‘This is going to be your league in a little while.’ Trust me, when a man spends seven years in university to graduate at age 38, he knows what he’s talking about!”

At his graduation, his parents were both there feeling proud of their already accomplished son and many photos were taken. Good on him!

Images via SCMP

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