Actress Lynn Chen (SAVING FACE, SURROGATE VALENTINE) will make her directorial debut with I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, the third film in Dave Boyle’s SURROGATE VALENTINE series, which starred Goh Nakamura. It starts production in Los Angeles this month.

More from The Hollywood Reporter:

The movie — the final installment in a trilogy, following SXSW features Surrogate Valentine and Daylight Savings — shares the perspective of three women, who are romantically linked to the same musician, as they maneuver into their 40s and face major life changes.

Chen wrote the screenplay and will star along with Ayako Fujitani and Yea-Ming Chen. Musician Goh Nakamura will also star, along with Tamlyn Tomita, Joy Osmanski, Mike Faiola, Christy Meyers and Jeff Meacham.

Dave Boyle will produce the feature, which will soon begin production in Los Angeles.

“I Will Make You Mine is a reunion,” says Chen. “I’ve always been curious about what ended up happening to all of these characters I loved getting to know. I feel it’s important to finally offer the female perspective — to go deeper into the lives of these women and see how they think and operate when they’re not around Goh.”

”Lynn Chen is one of my favorite collaborators,” adds Boyle. “Reading her script and hearing her vision for the film was very inspiring, and I’m excited for people to discover her voice. I have no doubt her film will outshine the previous two installments — in addition to working as a standalone story.”

As a big fan of both SURROGATE VALENTINE and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, this is exciting news to read that their will be a third chapter to close the series. What is particularly interesting is that the film will take the perspective of the female characters from the first two films!

If you have not seen the first two films, then I encourage you to do so via the film’s official website.