Some people don’t know when to say “uncle.”

The same anti-affirmative group that twice went to the U.S. Supreme Court to sue the University of Texas, Austin, for discrimination is laying the groundwork for a third lawsuit.

My Statesman reports Students for Fair Admissions is recruiting students who feel they were unfairly rejected for a possible case.

According to the Harvard Crimson, this time the lawsuit will focus on Asian Americans.

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  1. Should Asian Americans have just said “uncle” and given up when they lost their first lawsuit against the Chinese Exclusion Act?

    It is disgusting how American society (including many Asian Americans media outlets), support discrimination against certain groups of Asians.

    If you replaced the word “Asian American” and instead UT was actively discriminating against “African Americans” or “Hispanic Americans”, this same media outlet would be outraged.

    But, because they’re discriminating East and certain South Asians, then that’s acceptable?

    Think before you post stupid shit.