So this sad and horrific news has emerged. 39 year old lecturer Robert Kerr fatally stabbed his wife  Xin Xin Liu 76 times at their home in Glasgow, Scotland in April this year. Apparently he wrongly believed that he was not the father to his children who were asleep when this horrific murder occurred.

Kerr has been charged with his wife’s murder, and the court heard how he made himself a hot drink as Xin Xin Liu lay dead on the ground in their home. According to the Mirror, prosecutors accepted his guilty plea to the reduced plea of culpable homicide on the grounds of his diminished responsibility, meaning that at the time of the murder he had a mental break and was not in control of his actions. The court heard that Kerr suffered an “an abnormality of the mind” at the time of the fatal attack, and that this is his first offence. 

Kerr was a lecturer at West College Scotland in Paisley while Xin Xin was training to be a translator. They happened to both meet at a computer course and at this time Xin Xin had been in Scotland for 15 years (originally from China) having studied Law at Aberdeen University, and they both got married in 2003. According to media reports, Kerr was experiencing work and personal issues and as a result was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and spoke about “paranoid feelings”But it was recorded that 4 days before the murder, he appeared more chirpier and called the cops after he fatally stabbed Xin Xin. The case has been adjourned till November.

Why I am posting about this is because this news has been posted in various Asian groups all over Facebook. Where the majority of commentators were sympathetic and saw this as a very sad and horrific case of domestic violence/murder frenzy, there has been a spate of various comments which blamed Xin Xin for her own murder because she is an Asian woman married to a white guy. 

I absolutely find this disgusting because this murder has nothing to do with race, but was a case of domestic violence ending in death. The commentators who blame the one who was fatally murdered are pretty much the same type of people (Asian men) who have been saying Constance Wu is unable to advocate for better representation of Asians in Hollywood because she has a white boyfriend. YOMYOMF recently wrote about Yes, Constance Wu Can Have a White Boyfriend & Still Advocate for Asian Americans.

These Asian men sadly, are brainwashed, angry and have their own insecurities to deal with. Instead of acknowledging that this was a horrific case of domestic violence ending in death and sympathising for the deceased and the children, they have gone to victim blaming and calling Xin Xin “self hating” to marry a white guy. I wish that these type of Asian men look at the actual issue at hand that this is a fatal murder of a wife in a frenzied attack by her husband instead of blaming Xin Xin just because she married a white guy. 

Well one can only hope. My opinion is that I would like to see justice for Xin Xin, and that Kerr will pay for what he did. May Xin Xin rest in peace.

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Lecturer stabs wife 76 times because he wrongly thought he was not father to their children


  1. Who is blaming it on her? You are absolutely disgusting.