LOS ANGELES, Ca– William Jeon just became the male face of “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife,” the #blasian romantic comedy that’s sweeping the internet for racial representation in film.

The #affairmovie features a married couple who become upset with each other, seek out affairs online, and accidentally become matched up together. Without knowing it, Lashonda and Sungmin cheat on each other—with each other.

The film ranked in the top 15 percent of scripts in the Austin Film Festival and became a finalist in the Beverly Hills Screenwriting Competition. Jeon plays Sungmin: the relaxed jack-of-all-arts just looking for a sexy lover who wants to change the world.

“When I first read the description [for the part], I was like, ‘are they spying on me? This guy sounds just like me!’” says Jeon, who works as a pharmacist when not acting, practicing improv comedy, or hiking with his dog Brixton.

Romantic comedy has been Jeon’s lifelong career dream, he says: unfortunately, traditional Hollywood often blocks Asian men from romantic roles, citing unmarketability or lack of available talent.

Jeon also felt cultural opposition to his dream: many Asian-Americans don’t approve of acting as a career choice, he explains. So after college, he entered the family trade and ran his own sushi restaurant in Arizona.

The actor’s longing didn’t leave, however, and after two years Jeon finally moved to Los Angeles to train professionally, picking up everything from the Meissner technique to commercial acting.

When “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife!” began casting, the selection team specifically requested a Korean-American actor for Sung-min in order to feed his cultural struggle with authenticity. Jeon was one of almost a hundred applicants to respond to the call: “It just shows Hollywood’s lying when they say they can’t find solid Black or Asian talent for leads,” says Jen Finelli, the film’s writer.

“Next we’re looking to disprove the lie that diverse films can’t survive financially.”

William Jeon shares his adventures exploring LA, working out, and creating on Instagram as @thewilljeon; “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife” needs support from the community, and readers can join the film to get their names in the credits here.

The film’s writer has promised a romantic poem for every fan who gets involved, and there are also product-placement opportunities for Asian-American artists and businesses. For interviews, contact [email protected]