On last week’s episode of LAST WEEK TONIGHT, John Oliver tackled the subject of censorship in China–pointing out such things as how the government censors any mention of President Xi Xingping resembling Winnie the Pooh.

“Apparently, Xi Jinping is very sensitive about his perceived resemblance to Winnie the Pooh,” Mr. Oliver said on the show. “And I’m not even sure it’s that strong a resemblance, to be honest. But the fact he’s annoyed about it means people will never stop bringing it up.”

After that segment, it appears that Oliver himself has been “censored” in China.

Attempts to create posts containing the words “John Oliver” on Weibo, the popular Chinese social media platform, are resulting in an error message stating the post may violate “rules and regulations.” Although posts mentioning John Oliver are still visible on the site, none of them mention China and the latest one was posted days before the offending segment aired.

You can check out the LAST WEEK TONIGHT segment above.