If you remember, just days ago Jamie Chung made some apparent BULLSHIT  comments about the casting choices on Jon M. Chu’s CRAZY RICH ASIANS. To be exact, this is what she said to CBS News reporter Andrea Park, who interviewed her (via our original YOMYOMF post):

 I really, really wanted a role in “Crazy Rich Asians,” but they wanted someone who’s ethnically Chinese. I love Jon [Chu, director of “Crazy Rich Asians”], but I get they wanted Chinese actors.

That’s strange because the star [Henry Golding] is half-white.

What? Does he look Asian?

I think to white people he looks Asian, but to Asian people he looks half-white.

What? Are you serious?

It sounds like I made you mad.

OK. I’m going to say it. That is some bulls**t. Where do you draw the line to be ethnically conscious? But there’s so many loopholes so I kind of get screwed. I don’t mean to sound jaded. There are plenty of roles for me. Originally Blink was Clarice Ferguson in comic books, but she’s a mutant so she can be whatever she wants to be. It can be to my advantage sometimes, but it’s so frustrating. I can talk on and on.

Well since her comments have blown up and exploded online, with many netizens expressing their frustrations towards what Chung said, she has gone online to clarify the “bullshit” statements she made (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook):

“When I said bullshit I wasn’t dissing on the actor they hired. I said that’s bullshit bc they are hypocrites. I took it personally and it’s so silly. Jenn is right. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for so don’t get me wrong. I give credit to the casting directors bc they’ve got a tough job. Can’t make everyone happy. It goes both ways. It just frustrating to lose a job or not have a shot at it bc of your race,”

I don’t know how you feel about what she is saying. I was okay with her clarifications on Instagram and Facebook, but her tweets show a lot of anger and resentment. I also have an issue with her final tweet where she states:

I will one day have my own hapa babies… lots of them. I don’t put up racial barriers. Others do.

For some reason it gives me the vibe that she has some self hatred/internalised racism – more on how she had to pick on the topic of “racial barriers” and how she had to make the point about having hapa babies. Where I have no major issues with interracial coupling and hapa children, I do have issues with how Jamie put it in her tweet. Am I being over sensitive?

Let us know what you think…

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  1. Ftr, Henry Golding is half white, half Iban. He’s not East Asian at all, let alone Chinese. (Tbc I’m not hating on his ancestry, just pointing this out.)

  2. >Originally Blink was Clarice Ferguson in comic books, but she’s a mutant so she can be whatever she wants to be.

    I bet she was pissed when Fan Bingbing got that role and not her

  3. If Jamie Chung went through life only allowed to play Korean women, she might have a leg to stand on here; but she’s played Chinese and other non-Korean roles plenty of times. She played Mulan in Once Upon a Time.