So you may have heard that the trade war with China kicked off over the weekend but to the surprise of absolutely no one, Orange Julius Caesar’s tariffs won’t touch daughter-wife Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-made fashion products.

Donald Trump imposed $34 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods on Friday impacting hundreds of products, but absent from the list is anything manufactured by his daughter-wife’s company. So Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan province will continue to supply shoes for the Ivanka Trump brand. In fact, it’s bidding for a new contract to manufacture 140,000 pairs of shoes for Ivanka’s company according to The South China Morning Post.

Despite all of the orange hobgoblin’s public talk about bringing businesses back to America, all of Ivanka Trump’s products are made in factories outside the U.S. Until January 2017 all of her goods were manufactured in China and Hong Kong. But since then, some of the work has been outsourced to factories in Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.

So in other words, MAGA actually should be an acronym for “Make Asia Great Again”.