Seriously, I can’t say enough about how much INTO THE BADLANDS has delivered on the promise of Season 1. The fights cut harder, Sunny’s hair is cooler, the Widow is just owning/decimating fools, the themes reach for even more poignant places, and now there’s a BABY. Season 1 is digestible on Netflix, and Season 2 is in full swing on Sundays at AMC. Check out these combat scenes that just tease the excellence of INTO THE BADLANDS:

(Yes, there is a STREET FIGHTER theme attached to this one somehow.)

If you’re AAPI, SJW, or just WTF Was Iron Fist (as many of us are), you could do worse than get invested in a futuristic legit-martial-arts adventure romp that both explores American history and stars People of Color (not to mention ridiculously agile women fighters).

Daniel Wu annihilates in the role of Sunny the exiled Clipper (not an LA Clipper, for the last time.) Mike Shinoda did the theme song. And did I mention there’s the soul of Sunny and Veil’s Blasian baby at stake? Well, there is.