I have been following this story for a number of years because it disgusted and horrified me on the violence this poor woman had to endure. Her name is Mayang Prasetyo and she is a transgender woman from Indonesia. Prasetyo originally came to Australia a number of years ago and worked as an escort to earn income to send back to her family in Indonesia. In 2014 she was murdered by her partner Aussie man Marcus Volke at his apartment in Brisbane-  who dismembered her body and packed it all in a garbage bag, stuffed into a washing machine, with her feet protruding from a stock pot in the kitchen. This all happened before he took his own life. 

An inquest into what happened was heard only a few weeks ago, and it was said Volke who was a chef was suffering from depression, anxiety and had sleeping disorder issues. 

The Guardian continues this story:

During questioning before the state coroner Terry Ryan on Monday, Detective Sergeant Joshua Walsh said Volke had presented to a Newstead-based doctor for mental health issues two weeks before the couple’s deaths in October 2014.

Walsh said police had obtained medical records showing that he had also sought treatment at Victoria’s Ballarat hospital when he was 16.

Volke had met Prasetyo while he was working as an escort in Melbourne’s club scene to pay off $9,000 in credit card debts, the court heard.

In her opening address, counsel assisting Emily Cooper said neighbours had noticed a foul smell coming from the couple’s apartment on 3 October, a day after they were heard arguing. That same day, Volke presented to Royal Brisbane hospital for treatment to a cut on his hand, Cooper said.

A manager of the Teneriffe apartment building where the couple lived contacted police the next day and reported seeing blood stains and cleaning products inside the unit.

One of the officers who responded to the report, Senior Constable Bryan Reid, said the building manager had been concerned something wasn’t right.

“They knew that there was a female that lived there with the man and they hadn’t seen her for a couple days, and there was a foul sort of odour around there,” Reid told the court. “It was a bad smell, it was something I hadn’t smelt before and can’t really describe.”

Police questioned Volke outside the apartment, then allowed him to go back inside to tether his dogs so they could enter. Volke locked the door, self-harmed and exited from the rear of the building. He was later found dead in a nearby bin.

When police finally entered the apartment they initially thought the feet were part of a practical joke.

“I thought it was a sick prank, some kind of Halloween [thing],” Constable Liam McQueen told the court on Monday morning. “There was a pool of blood at the base of the fridge.”

Both officers said the smell was not consistent with the smell of decomposed bodies.

This situation may be extreme but it demonstrates that the issue of violence against women is a REAL and big issue, particularly women from a POC background. Prasetyo was a transgender woman from Asia, so she is even more vulnerable – with the lack of support networks etc. I have written a piece in the past about the discrimination transgender Asian women go through. We need to do more as an Asian diaspora to protect our brothers, sisters and siblings. This is an extreme result of toxic masculinity. 

 I feel sad for Prasetyo that she met such a horrific death and don’t want her death to be in vain – hence I work hard to empower the voices of Asians everywhere – well I try. I will keep an eye on this and update all of you as more information comes.

Images via The Guardian

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Mayang Prasetyo’s feet found in stock pot in Brisbane flat, inquest hears


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