Here at YOMYOMF we have followed the journey of the talented duo who started and run Singaporean based BananaMana Films – Jason Chan (Asian Australian) and Christian Lee (Asian American). Not only have they hit huge success in Asia, but they are hard working producing quality films. If you are interested in reminding yourself on who BananaMana Films are, please click on the links at the end of this post.

Well, they have recently wrapped up their next film “Jamami Tofu” which was shot on the lovely island of Okinawa, Japan. When you read what the film is about, I am sure it will interest you in wanting to watch more. Variety has picked up their success in Asia and have written about this new film:

SINGAPORE — “Jimami Tofu,” written, produced, directed and produced by Jason Chan and Christian Lee has entered intoW pre-sales agreements with Korea’s iHQ, global television platform Viki, and Encore Inflight. It will complete principal photography in December.

The film is produced by Chan and Lee’s Singapore-based outfit BananaMana Films with the support of the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Okinawa Prefecture’s Film Tourism Promotion Project.

“Jimami Tofu” follows a Chinese Singaporean chef who is in Okinawa learning to cook traditional Okinawan food. A top Japanese food critic finds herself in Singapore on discovery of South East Asian cuisine. They are both looking for each other after an emotional breakup years ago when she left him without a trace.

The cast includes Jason Chan, Mari Yamamoto, Rino Nakasone and Masane Tsukayama.

BananaMana is focused on creating English-language Asian content for global distribution. Its most prominent production to date has been 2014 short “Perfect Girl” that achieved global distribution this year when it was picked up by Netflix, Viki and Korea’s Naver TVcast and D’Live.

The agreement was announced Wednesday at the ATF, part of the Singapore Media Festival.

I will definitely keep an eye out on their success and keep everyone updated on their future projects. In a climate where we strive in the West to see more representation and visibility of Asians, these guys have done extremely well in Asia. Great work in my books!

Images via Variety and Jamami Tofu Facebook Page

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