So will you get mad at me when I say I feel like punching the lights out of this white dude? Like okay, you are a military veteran, but regardless this gives you no right to yell at the elderly. I will also go a bit further to say that there is a racial element here – this white guy sees a defenseless Asian elderly couple and feels they are easy pickings to be discriminating and yell at for no reason at all. So before more of my ranting here is the crux of the situation.

A woman Van Khon posted a video of the altercation her parents were unfortunately pulled in by this white POS. It happened over the weekend in Sacramento near 16th Street and Broadway. In her post she states that they were on their way to the farmers market and as her father was looking for parking he dropped off his wife (Khon’s mom) off first. When he found a parking spot, this yelling POS randomly came over and virtually went psycho at him all because he was wearing a camouflage style shirt. The POS name is US Marine Corps veteran Alex Wolpert and when you watch the video he is angry that the Khon’s father was just wearing a camouflage shirt and that somehow reminded Volpert of other marines who have died. He goes on to say how he has done his deed for the country, blah blah blah blah. Okay, fine you have served your country, but please shut the fuck up and leave our elderly alone. You are a fucking racist Volpert and targeted this elderly Laotian couple because of your racial biases. This is what he was yelling:

“My friends died — and you’re going to wear this?” Wolpert is heard yelling at the man. “No, no, no, it’s not okay!”

“Okay, he’s going to take it off,” the man’s wife is heard responding as she tries to calm Wolpert down.

“I’m a Marine, okay? I fought for my country!” Wolpert yelled. “And this motherf*cker is going to wear that sh*t? No! No! F*ck you! F*ck you!”

“I’m writing this on behalf of my parents,” Khon noted in the video caption.

Khon goes on to say that her father has little English and in his mid 70s so he couldn’t really defend himself. Glad she is exposing this POS for who he is – marine or not I don’t care, you can’t just take your anger and place it on random elderly couples.  Here is the full text of her post:

I’m writing this on behalf of my parents. They live in Sacramento CA and they had to go through this earlier today. I don’t understand how somebody can get this angry over an elderly man wearing camouflage t-shirt who never argued one word back to him. He’s ok but when this happened he was paralyzed, confused from fear and shock.

This happened between 16th street and Broadway. All my father was doing was going to the farmer’s market and looking for parking after he dropped my mom nearby, as soon as he found a parking spot this man walked and came out of nowhere yelling, screaming and harassing him and asking him why he was wearing that (he had a short sleeved camouflage cotton t-shirt on). My father knows little English and is in his mid 70’s didn’t answer him or didn’t understand what he was saying to him, that angered the man more and he grabbed my father by his collar pulling his key necklace he had on and fist closed threatening he’s going to kill him and how dare he wear that when his friends died in war yelling at him he should go back to his country he’s not welcomed here and accused him of being a Vietnamese communists. My father is far from a communist, he served in the Vietnam War for Laos on the US side.

My mother heard all the commotion going on and ran across the street to help him and that’s when he released my father and the video was recorded in case it escalated to something more. My parents was afraid and left immediately afterwards they don’t know who this man is to do anything. I’m angered they had to go through this nobody should have to go through this.

If you want to share it’s public on my page can share it from there, it won’t let me make it public on here.

According to Sputnik News (via Fox 40), Volpert has apologized, but I wonder if he really does feel “apologetic” considering he made the conscious choice to target an elderly Asian couple. This is what he said:

“To the gentleman I accused and assaulted, words cannot describe the amount of sincerity I have for this situation, you and your family did not deserve this at all,” 

“To simply apologize for my actions will never be enough as it was not excusable by any means at all, you deserve respect and appreciation and both of which I did not show you,” 

Hmmm, still no excuse and yes I am absolutely livid. I will leave my post here.

 To read the original article, please click on: WATCH: US Veteran Berates Elderly Immigrant for Wearing Camouflage Shirt