Just another day and another RACIST incident against Asians. This one comes to us from the UK in West Yorkshire. The Metro UK reports that a customer was caught on video yelling RACIST obscenities at a Chinese takeaway worker. It started off with the customer complaining that her food was raw, and then it escalated to harassment, where the customer started to throw noodles at the Chinese takeaway worker. Then the RACIST shit comes. This is what the woman ranted:

‘I’m a Melthamer, I was born here, you came over here on a boat’.

The worker yells at the customer that she will call the police if the RACIST and violent tirade continues and told the RACIST woman not to come back again. Clearly the RACIST white woman couldn’t hack having an Asian stand up for herself and started with all the RACIST BS. The video was recorded by Recorded by Dylan Letremy and has racked up over 3,500 views.

My take? Fine, if the food and service is shit, just stick to that, stop being a RACIST FUCK – but then again many white people just can’t help it. Toxic environment in the non Asian world I’d say.

To read the original article, please click on: Racist customer rants at takeaway worker yelling ‘she came over on a boat’