(Director/Editor): Johnson Cheng (Main Cast): Wang Lili
(Cinematographer): Frank Liu
(Production Assistant): Yue Yuan

(Synopsis): An old woman tries to find space to spread her wings.

(Director’s Statement): In searching for an idea, I came across a group of spectacular women who congregate under my apartment who each have an interesting story of their own. Sometimes the best story ideas are indeed right under our noses.

(Director’s bio): NYC based filmmaker, born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. Motion Picture Editors Guild. Columbia MFA Film.


  1. Dancing Queen
    I always love film that bring out the randomness of people interact with each other and let the character lead you into the story and slowly revealing it world. It really free your mind and make you free so nostalgic. When the music come in, it is just feel so good. I missed the character already. Who is she?
    My favorite and memorized scene: when she dance in front of Starbucks and the crowd start joining her. Courage, nostalgic happiness.