I am back with my traveling blog series in Asia. If you have read my posts over the past year or 2, you would have read about my travels in both Taiwan and in South Korea. This time I am in China and doing a quick 20 day travel around style trip with my parents. Yesterday was officially our first full day and we started our journey in Beijing. In this post, I will focus on the food and the interesting stuff I have eaten thus far – and yes I am very adventurous in that area. So after a long day of walking around Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City we made our way to “WANGFUJING STREET” which is one of Beijing’s traditional downtown areas. 

Asides from being dotted with many malls and exclusive branded department stores, you will find just as many markets selling, silk, clothes, trinkets, antiques and of course the best thing – FOOD AND SNACKS.

The first place we stopped by at the Wangfujing Market was the food stalls which sold skewered insects. I knew this was something I had to try. There were skewered scorpions, cockroaches and beetles. When you see them skewered they are still fresh with some dead and some alive – as you will see in the linked video here. I decided to try the beetles which were large. The food stall worker would take the skewer and then fry it on a huge skillet till its cooked and crunchy. He then asks if you would like it spicy and how spicy you would like it, before dusting it generously with a chilli and spice mixed powder.

Taste wise? Not too bad. It is soft and mushy inside when you bite into the beetle, with the skin/shell being crunchy with a great spice taste. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was how the shell/skin gets stuck in your teeth, but other than that it exceeded my expectations. Here is my taking my first bite.

The other things we ate were pork broth and meat soup noodles, with hand made “xiao long baos” ( soup dumplings/dumplings) steamed. Taste wise they were pretty gorgeous, although not like the typical “xiao long baos” we are use to where you can taste the soup within the casing. But this is Beijing style and not Shanghai style, so it is different. The Beijing style are more so full of flavors and these flavors burst in your mouth. With good dumplings, you can never go wrong!~

I will leave my post here, but enjoy the food pictures and I will have more posts talking about observations and sightseeing, but of course a lot more food, as we can all agree on our love for that!