Edward Wilson

Meet 37-year-old Edward Wilson. All the brotha wanted to do was steal a car and he got his chance when he saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee in a Walmart parking lot in Sartell, Minnesota, that had been remote-started with no driver inside. So Wilson jumped in and drove off with the vehicle. About as easy a car theft as possible.

Wilson was caught on surveillance cameras taking the SUV, but police were unable to identify him. That is…until the owner of the stolen jeep received a call from Wilson who was at an auto glass repair service and needed to know how to start the car. Wilson apparently proceeded to give the address of his location so OnStar could locate the vehicle to start it. Instead, the police went to the address to find Wilson and arrested him.

Wilson is scheduled to appear in court in April, but here’s hoping he gets the maximum sentence for not just being a car thief, but such a dumb fuck.