Let’s start by taking a page out of Constance Wu’s playbook about how Asian guys remind her of her cousins and how white guys will bring back world order. A white supremacist that needs to get into a time and return to the colonial ages, is a writer and produces shows which stereotype Asians as privileged.

Of course we can’t deny that white supremacy is inherent within our history – how the white standard of beauty has infected Asian marketing, hapas favored over full Asian children, and how boys and men can be easily discarded via degrading Asian men( meaning they are no longer the potential mates) whereas girls and daughters are revered as the family’s gateway to whiteness. But that is expected with old traditions and history, when the west colonized the world – nowadays shouldn’t we be moving away from this backwards fucked up shit?

One thing I have noticed within our Asian diaspora ( and I can only cite from the online communities) that we see this growth and nurturing of whiteness. Hoards of Asians and in our case mostly Asian women, try to sabotage when Asian men date out when they see us with non-Asian women, and accuse us of being complicit of misogyny, all because we refuse to buy into their racial hierachy and racist shit.

We are constantly pushed, bullied and trolled all because we are Asians who have independent voices, minds and opinions. These online communities of fake Asian activists do not like to see Asian men talk “out of line” nor do they feel we deserve any independence and free opinions.

They want us to be silent and kowtow to their words, opinions and causes and if we refuse they will strike us out as “misogynists”, “patriarchal” and “toxic Asian masculinity”. At no time do these online communities of fake Asian activists think about themselves and ask the question about whether they are complicit in enabling white supremacy with how they put white people on a pedestal when it comes to their own dating needs, wants, desires and preferences.

I have spoken to groups of many Asians online from different industries who are familiar or have experienced the hatred from these hoards of fake Asian activists online. They tell me the same stories about how they are silenced or forced to submit to the demands and requests of these men. It angers me to hear this because I would have thought that we have moved on from this “PLEASE JUST LET THE ASIAN WOMAN TALK” type of bullshit, but I guess, alas, we haven’t and I would actually be bold enough to make parallels between the shit Ester Ku and Constance Wu (Fake Asian activists ) like her spout to how some of these Asian female online communities behave.

One thing which is obvious is these sellout Asians hate equality for Asians as it upsets their current dating hierarchy near the place of white women – I have seen them claim how Asian men are way more toxic and patriarchal than white men, preach for PoC justice while only seeking white. Isn’t this what internalized racism is? The obfuscation of their white fetish behind the wall of PoC shields? There is also this thing where I have seen discussions in some of their “progressive” Asian activist social media outlets how they need to not celebrate Asian representation when it involves Asian men with other races of women…… This is the same shit that comes out of the alt-right play book – they hide their racism because “My best friend is black and my wife is Asian”.. No difference here, just different contexts.

My final point in this post is something I mentioned up above a little earlier about how they push us Asians to submit to their requests, demands and desires. I don’t really write but this last month in a post about the online activism for a rape victim was a scam and they blamed the backlash at misogynistic Asian males but in reality the research was done by Anti-SJWs.

(Oh oops I remember when they used all those derogatory terms against you  Erin)

Thus bullying and doxxing of Asian men and how we get pushed hard to submission. I feel there are some men already who have submitted to the requests and demands of online Asian activist communities because they have been made to feel they “owe” these women or “deserve” their submission – again another thing from Alt-right’s playbook.

Asian men who support this internalized racist sub-section in my opinion do so as a way of compensating or submitting to being shamed by “toxic Asian masculinity” and we need to further open up this issue. Really, if we are unable to acknowledge the internalized racism within our diaspora it will be very difficult to bridge the gap and work towards unity.

They try and recruit other Asian men who may be ill-informed or unaware of their misogyny to support their causes so they can do the “well I told you so, because your own disagrees with you”.

This to me if a form of bullying and it continues to happen today whether they are aware or are unaware of this. I don’t want to add too much more, because I think this deserves more thought, discussion and write ups – but I just want to say that I am most disappointing to see that the fake Asian activists who are complicit in this internalized racism, are actually from a generation who grew up in the West and/or Europe and have seen how gender equality benefits us all, and have seen how misogyny and patriarchy has led to violence and bullying against Asian men. But for some reason they don’t care about this, nor do they feel the need to change this. I applaud the Asians who fight against these fake Asian activist online communities and hope that more will come to this side/fold.