Meet Rabiot, a psychic Pacific octopus that apparently predicted Japan’s World Cup win against Colombia, draw with Senegal, and loss to Poland. But alas, Rabiot’s amazing psychic skills weren’t enough to stop him from being slaughtered and sent to the fish market. From The Telegraph:

Kimio Abe, the fisherman who captured Rabiot, placed the octopus in a tank with three baskets of food representing a victory for Japan, a defeat or a draw.

Remarkably, the smart mollusc correctly predicted Japan’s win over Colombia in Japan’s opening game of the tournament, followed by a draw against Senegal and a defeat to Poland. Despite losing to the Poles, Japan advanced courtesy of the fact that its players had received fewer cautions during the three group stage games.

Rabiot’s uncanny knack of correctly picking Japan’s results made the creature a national sensation, with day-time chat shows lining up to report its latest prognostications.

Rabiot has apparently already been sold and presumably eaten–a fate that you don’t need to be a psychic to have predicted.