Here is a positive story which shows how adversity can turn into something which contributes to something for the greater good. Meet Vincent Shin, a proud Asian Australian man, who is a suave and cool lawyer and the first lawyer dedicated at an Australian school. Shin is a lawyer at The Grange P-12 College, in Melbourne, and students think Shin is cool in how he roves into work in a motorcycle.

So what is about Shin that makes him interesting? Well it is his dark past of being a victim of family violence. He recounts all this on Australia’s ABC network show AUSTRALIAN STORY. Shin was a disobedient and defiant teenager, and this was attributed to the cycle of abuse and instability within his home. 

He tells Australian Story:

“I was playing with my sister out the front of our unit,”

“The door was just flung open and my dad threw my mum outside. She skidded across the concrete and landed in some bushes, and I remember running over with my sister while Mum was lying there.”

In his final year of highschool (2003) he has disempowered due to the prolonged abuse by his father, but he was confident enough to stand up to him:

“He hit me in the face,”

“I was 17 and I was a little bit more confident with really standing up to him.

“I said to him: ‘You’re never going to hit me again.’

“He stood there at the door and he said: ‘Don’t ever call me your dad, I have no son.'”

He failed high school, scoring less than 30 and was lost for awhile. But what is awesome and amazing is how he picked himself up and went to TAFE (community college) and studied diploma of business, majoring in legal practice. He did so well that he scored a spot in law at Victorian University – the rest is history.

In his spare time Shin is a breakdancer and a boxer and he high 5s all the students he encounters as he walks into work at the school. The school has 1,700 students and many come from a lower socio economical backgrounds who have legal issues. Because of Shin’s background and his ability to be able to emphasise with the plight of the students makes him the perfect lawyer for the school. It was the school’s social worker Renee Dowling who put in the request at the community legal centre. Australian Story continues:

“If we had a lawyer in the school that [students] could approach and get advice from, that could absolutely change the pathway of what may end up happening to that particular child or family,” Ms Dowling said.

Shin is a strong person with a great resilience and the will to help. He recently found out his father has been incarcerated for attempted murder, and is serving a 9 year term. He will be out in 2 years and may take revenge on the family. But Shin is not phased and will continue to do the great work he is doing.

Amazing Asian man who we need to continue to support!

Images via ABC News

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