So this is pretty awesome and extremely clever. Joy Li is a 20 year old Asian Australian who created a quiz/infographic depicting the struggles Asian women face in the West. And damn girl, you nailed it! This quiz forms part of a series titled Living as an Asian Girl for a school project at the University of Technology Sydney – which I will proudly say was also where I studied my undergraduate degree. 

According to Buzzfeed:

The poster presents the “lose/lose situation that Asian women face as they must continually choose between different societal expectations or risk being isolated by both sides,” Li told BuzzFeed News.

Li — whose family migrated from China to Australia when she was 1 year old — said the series was born out of her experiences living as an Asian-Australian woman and “is a representation of the contemporary lives of Asian girls living in Western societies.”

“I had always considered myself as an ‘Australian’ without the need for the addition of ‘Asian,’ but I was perhaps ignorant to have thought that,” she said.

“Asian-Australian women — or from any Westernized background — need to be supported, and for them to understand themselves, they need to understand their own history, family structure, cultural background, as well as the gendered and racial structures that influence the way they see themselves and are seen by others.”

This awesome quiz/infographic is not the only one Joy has created for the Living as an Asian Girl series. The first one was actually titled “Dear Joy , I ____ You,”which are basically phrases Joy hears in her day to day life at home and she has organised them on how often they are used, tonal value and emotional impact. Extremely clever poster and depiction. 

Joy is definitely a clever girl and one which I will personally reach out to, as she epitomises the next generation of switched on Asian women. We as Asian women go through so many struggles and shit, and it is great and refreshing to see do so well and literally go viral online, particularly in Asian groups.

Images via Buzzfeed

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