Yesterday, we posted a twisted Thai commercial or TVC that was a mix of K-drama and David Cronenberg body horror. It was brilliant and was an ad for Voiz Chocolate Waffle Cookies.

Well, we found another equally mind bending commercial hawking the same product. Simply titled “The Box,” it opens with a bearded and lackadaisical dude packing up some things in a box. It looks like he’s moving and just so happens to be a sport fishing enthusiast.  As he puts his items in a very big box, he decides to close the flaps.  He then opens the flaps again and notices that his items are gone! He then sees a packet of Voiz waffle cookies next to him and before you know it, things get pretty weird.

It’s very reminiscent of PRIMER or A WRINKLE IN TIME but if done by Wes Anderson. Like I said in my past post, Thai commercial directors got the awkward fantasy humor down pat. Watch the clip above!