LMAO what the fuck is this shit? Some alt right groups are waging an online campaign to “redefine” the term “white people” to brace yourself “POL” – “PEOPLE OF LIGHT”. This is meant to be short of “people of light skin”, but why do I get a weird suspicion that this sounds like it is coining white people as a “God” or “savior of the world”? Is it just me or do you get the same feeling about this? 

The campaign feels using “white people” is outdated and discriminating – to me it sounds like white people fragile tears and it sounds like white people are now trying to be the victims. A group of people who have no understanding how it feels to be racially discriminated, nor do they know how it feels to be oppressed. In addition, they forget that in the West and Europe, they have the power and racism is all about those that are discriminated against who are powerless. There is no history of slavery or genocide on white people, nor will they ever be racially discriminated. To me this is absolutely absurd – but what do you expect when alt right groups like 4 Chan are supporting this campaign. 

Here is more from Information Liberation:

The campaign got momentum after being shared on the internet message board 4chan, where users were encouraged to correct people using the term “white people” by asking they use PoL’s preferred term, “people of light.”

Good thing many people were like what the fuck and tweeted their anger at this campaign:

Hmmm.. sorry I am going to keep using white people and I encourage everyone else to continue to use this term. We do not need white saviors which this term really insinuates. I will leave it here.

Images via Information Liberation

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