I will just say 3 words: TOXIC WHITE MASCULINITY. This describes YouTuber LOGAN PAUL to a tee. In addition to posting that insensitive and inhumane video of an apparent suicide victim as well as his fans going all RACIST and SEXIST against a Japanese Vlogger, here is more to hate on about this privileged white boy LOGAN PAUL  (known as “Logang”). Before he posted that “suicide video” on his YouTube channel, Paul made a video titled: “We Fought In The Middle Of Tokyo!” on December 30.

It is basically his pathetic self going around Tokyo, disrespecting all cultural norms and rules of Japan roaming around like he owns the city. One thing he forgets is that Japan isn’t his country, he has no ownership over anything there and he is a guest in the country and with that he needs to learn to respect the country.

According to KOTAKU who reported on this, in the video you can hear Paul state:

“I swear, Tokyo is just a giant playground,” Paul says at one point during the clip. “Maybe it’s not. Maybe I should stop. Probably not.”

What he forgets or ignores is that surprisingly Japan has strict rules on filming and photography, even in public spaces. He pretty much makes fun of the  Tsukiji fish market, takes some fish, octopus tentacle etc and takes it to Starbucks putting it against the window, putting raw fish on top of random cabs, and carries the fish and tentacle into clothing stores. You can see how he not only disrespects Japan, but also has no regard for those who are struggling to put food on their table, playing with seafood like that. One must remember the Japanese do have eating/food etiquette and Paul as usual falls short of being even remotely respectful.

He does comment in his video how Japanese people have put up with him and have laughed at him and with him, but according to Kotaku most of the comments on his YouTube have come from Japanese people who are not at all happy with his idiocy and utter disrespect:

“Go home.”
“This guy is an idiot.”
“He’s insulting Japanese people.”
“I guess this is what Americans think is ‘funny.’”
“You’re bothering Japanese people.”
“Annoying foreigner.”
“Dumb American.”
“Can’t you even follow the rules? If you are just going to come and bother people, please don’t come back to Japan again.”
“I’ll never forgive you for insulting Japan and the Japanese people.”
“Don’t treat food like that. Also, what you think is funny is not.”
“You should never be allowed to leave your own country.”
“I realy hate gaijins like this.”
“Is it that Americans have no sense of morals? How sad….”
“Don’t come to Japan again.” (written in Japanese) “All Japanese hate you.” (written in English)

And I love this statement the most from the Kotaku article:

The Japanese word “meiwaku” (迷惑) appears throughout the comments. The word means “bother” or “annoyance.” As a general societal rule, Japanese people often do as much as they can not to bother or annoy other Japanese people. They do not want to create meiwaku for others. That’s all Paul is doing.

The fact that he jammed cameras into the faces of random Japanese people in public as they are walking is an invasion of private space and I think borders harassment. But why would this white fella care? He seriously is a POS, RACIST, SEXIST and MISOGYNISTIC. Again I echo my words from the start he is a product of TOXIC WHITE MASCULINITY.

My message to Paul – JUST GTFO OF JAPAN AND ASIA.

Let us know your thoughts…

Images via Kotaku

To read the full article, please click on: Japan Isn’t Happy With Logan Paul’s Tokyo Video, Either


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