Here is a tragic incident which happened on Mother’s Day where the lives of a young Asian American couple and their 5 year old daughter has been taken way too early. 22 year oldss Gina Xiong and Joe Lor and their 5 year old daughter Kayleen were gunned down and killed on Sunday as they were celebrating Mother’s Day with loved ones. Police investigators also state 2 men were also injured during the shooting. It is not clear who the assailant was but Xiong’s sister posted an emotional statement on Facebook addressing the killer. This is what she said (via Fox 40):

“I want you to remember their faces and feel guilt… knowing you took their lives away,”

Its extremely sad, and the circumstances around where, what and how are still being investigated. Fox News 40 continues this story;

This type of case, the circumstances we are aware of are extremely rare, extremely heartbreaking,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.

Jones said solving this case is now their top priority.

“We want to solve this case. We want justice for the family,” Jones said.

The chief adds what’s especially heartbreaking was that this violence took place when the family was celebrating Mother’s Day. Neighbors, who say they heard gunshots around Sunday at 10 p.m., immediately heard screams then sobs.

“We heard her yelling on the corner last night,” said neighbor Samelle Brown. “We could hear them crying and it’s just sad.”

Police want to prevent any retaliatory crimes and a surveillance vehicle will be in the neighborhood for some time. The scene, at the Sierra Vista Homes, is just a few blocks from Van Buren Elementary School.

Investigators have not yet determined a motive for the shooting and did not have any suspect information to release.

There is also a GoFundMe campaign to support the loved ones who have lost a big part of their life. I will definitely keep an eye on this and post up updates as more information is revealed by police.

Images via Fox News 40

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