If you have not been hiding under a rock today, you would have noticed that a Twitter hashtag #ThankYouMattDamon has been trending with many Asians all over the world thanking Matt Damon for everything Asian. Asian American comedian and activist Jenny Yang created this Twitter campaign in the fun, humorous and crazy fashion that is Jenny Yang’s style – and it caught on. She started tweeting after she watched the Hollywood premiere of The Great Wall and boy did she cause some ruckus!

The intentions behind this hashtag is pretty much to state that it apparently takes a white guy to save the day for all Asians, and this is in many ways the negative of the movie The Great Wall. I don’t want to ruin it too much in case you all want to go and check it out, but you can read my pre-screening review here if you haven’t done so.

A few media outlets have reported on this trending hashtag because in a few words it sums up the frustrations that all of us have with this “white saviour” or as I have called it the “white knight” syndrome.

Mashable continues:

It has taken the form of #ThankYouMattDamon, a trending hashtag on Twitter being used to ironically continue the white-savior message of the film. Writer and stand-up comedian Jenny Yang started the hashtag when she tweeted her experience of the movie during the premiere.

With that, #ThankYouMattDamon took off with Asians everywhere contributing their own stories of how Matt Damon taught them about their own culture. Some get very specific, making allusions to Asian parenting, cuisine and even common Asian habits.

If The Great Wall had any say about these things, Matt Damon would certainly have been the one to pioneer all of them.

I would encourage you to consider joining in, I am not Twitter expert but I even had my hand in trying this!

Not everyone was into this, but fuck them, let’s just #ThankYouMattDamon for everything that is “Asian”.

H/T Mashable