So who is the winner of the YomyomF Challenge winner?

You may never know. Why? Here’s the reply I got when I sent ‘MacLu’ the good news about his victory Spam–

HI Justin,

Thanks! One thing… do I have to pose for the pic? I don’t want to sound like an ingrate but at my day job I have somewhat of a public persona and I have to deal with super conservative wingnuts (who fwd me emails to join the Tea Party and elect Sarah Palin in 2012, no joke). It’s a super long shot but I don’t want my ugly mug to be associated w/ my comments on the site.

Or I could pose w/ sunglasses and a hoodie or something, or defer on accepting the prize to the runner up… Sorry! I absolutely love the site!

I couldn’t fathom the sacrifice MacLu was willing to make but at the sme time was determined to unite him with his prized meat. But without a photo I had no blog. Plus, sunglasses and hoodie is just too Unibomby. We emailed back and forth and eventually decided we had to make a statement. I’m actually not sure what statement a Glenn Beck makes, but I laughed when I saw the picture and that’s good enough for me.

I just hope one day we can live in a country where a man can freely pose with his Spam.

Thanks MacLu for playing along. Oh yeah, the winning name for the challenge is ‘Bruceball’.

And by the way, there’s no shortage of Palin love on this site (here and here).


  1. Damn, I so wish I had a can of Spam right about now I can cook up.

  2. Darn, I guess that Nokia commercial worked! Nunchucks and other sports do work in conjuction with Bruce Lee!

  3. “Bruceball” was my favorite submissions. Congrats on the Spam! I fried mine up with eggs and rice.

  4. Awesome. I now know what MacLu’s right earlobe looks like. I’m bound to recognize him! 🙂

    BTW: Glenn Beck looks like a Campbell soup kid. Mmm mmm good! (????)

  5. This is my greatest achievement in life thusfar. However, I long for the day when I am rich enough to say, “Go fuck yourself,” to all the Faux News watching nutters I have to deal with.

    Thanks for the Spam, Justin! I will love it and hug it and call it George.