If you’ve been following YOMYOMF over the holidays, you may have read about some of our members’ moment in the spotlight of the fantasy sports universe via an ESPN/Grantland Bill Simmons column. Well, if you’re interested in following our soap opera of a fantasy league (declared by Simmons as “the greatest fantasy league EVER” – his words, not mine), we’ve got a bit of a follow-up.

Several of our basketball-crazed Offenders and extended members of the Family gathered together last week to present the second official podcast of the YOMYOMF network, which we’ve come to name “On the Offensive,” with this version aptly being the sports edition, or what we like to call, “The Itch.”

Consider this an invitation to join us on the living room couch of our little corner of the universe, and keep in mind, this is, in many ways, fantasy basketball like everyone else’s but at the same time – it isn’t. And stay tuned for more non-sports editions of “On the Offensive” as we bring our Family members in to discuss various topics including film festivals, independent and studio movies, life on the set, etc.

So click and join us here for our first YOMYOMF Itch Edition of On The Offensive!

Note: if you listen to the very end, you’ll notice that we ran out of time and space as Justin goes on his rant in order to justify certain trade moves, but rest assured, the conversation will pick up in the next installment…