So our friends at Wong Fu independently funded and produced a series entitled YAPPIE that’s dropping on June 20. YAPPIE is a term to describe young Asian professionals and the show explores that world as the official description clearly spells out:

#YAPPIE is a single-camera comedy that explores the social and racial issues related to the contemporary Asian American experience from the perspective of Andrew and his friends who are all “yappies”. Andrew is a 29 year old Chinese American who, for most of his life, has never questioned his place or his purpose, unintentionally becoming a “model minority”. But for the first time, due to some new influences and experiences, Andrew is discovering the effects of his invisibility on the canvas of diversity and is finally realizing he wants to do something about it.

Wong Fu is doing what many in our community talk about doing: actually producing content by and for Asian Americans which–regardless of what you think of their work–is commendable and should be encouraged. But because Asian Americans can’t have nice things, some in the community have attacked the show unseen for…having a white guy in the cast.

Wong Fu’s Philip Wang (who stars in and directs YAPPIE) responded to the criticism:


And in case Philip’s point wasn’t clear, THEY CALL US BRUCE podcast co-host Jeff Yang stepped in to further clarify:


  1. Has Wong Fu ever made a funny or entertaining video? I’m asking an honest question and if the answer is yes, can someone link to it?

  2. Flaneury – You’re such a troll. Crawl back to where you came from and don’t say anymore please.

  3. Haters, explain the hate you inhabit, who disrespected you so much that you’re taking revenge? That’s going to solve things?