Regular readers of this blog know that our Japanese friends have invented some…er…interesting products, but this one might take the cake. Japanese adult goods company, Tamatoys, has just released their latest fragrant oil—“The Smell of a Boy’s Anus.”

The product is being sold with the tagline: “The forbidden scent…experience that smell one more time.”

But lest we mistakenly assume that this means the scent is something gross and nasty, Tamatoys is quick to disprove that thinking. Here’s their description of “The Smell of a Boy’s Anus”:

“This product does not smell like shit. It is purely the smell of anus. It has a strong musky perfume smell, tinged with a pungent odor.”

And if a boy’s anus isn’t quite what you’re searching for, Tamatoys also makes the following scented oils:

The Smell of a High School Girl’s Armpits:

The Smell of a Working Woman’s Legs:

And the Smell of a High School Girl’s Urine:

And with that, your Christmas shopping is done! Thank you, Tamatoys!


  1. “Experience that smell one more time”?! I hope for their sakes that you can anonymously buy that!

  2. >:=]