BENJAMIN LAW is an accomplished Asian Australian writer and a friend of mine. He has a huge and growing profile in Australia, particularly after he wrote the book based on his life growing up titled THE FAMILY LAW. As many of you would have read over the past year, I have written a lot of raving reviews on the series THE FAMILY LAW, which was made based on his book. Here is the most recent post written on why this series is important and significant.

Anyways, my friends at DIVERSITY ARTS AUSTRALIA, an organisation developed to address the issue of media and arts representation/visibility in Australia, has created a short video series titled ” ‘Are we there yet? Diversity in the Performing Arts’. Their final episode featured BENJAMIN LAW to comment on this issue. It was shot at the  Performing Arts Connections Australia – PAC Australia conference, and Law spoke about THE FAMILY LAW, and how it is the audiences who must demand diversity on the TV – yes we all must continue to tell the networks that we are sick and tired of just seeing a sea of white on Australia TV.

I am proud to support this organisation DIVERSITY ARTS AUSTRALIA and credit some of my old and new Asian Australian friends who are involved in this and fighting the good fight!
Check it out and let us know what y’all think.