Hey, so this is cool. Finally we get to check out what could be the UK’s answer to America’s Fresh Off The Boat and Australia’s The Family Law. Wok is about the unconventional British family, and I bet it won’t disappoint. It seems we are reaching the trifecta with Asians rising to the challenge to produce shows which reflect our lives and our experiences. Now that’s Asian power for sure!

Wok is based on the eccentric Li family who run a family based Chinese takeaway business in the heart of the East End of London. The show is told through the eyes of Bruce Li (not Bruce Lee),  the typical everyday Londoner, with the family of Asian hell or is it heaven? Close your eyes and imagine, the matriarch Yuet as a fierce and fiery tiger mum, the oddly flamboyant father Chong, who is the heart and soul of the business. And you can’t escape the cute and innocent little sister, mischievous Mei Mei (conveniently named after the mandarin term for little sister). Oh yeh and the delivery man Jason, who seems to add not only colour, but an interesting humour to the dynamics of the Li family. Now open your eyes and I bet you can relate to at least one or more of the characters in this show. I know I can, because I had a tiger mum, and look how I turned out…

So the story goes that after two years of applying, Bruce makes all the dreams of his parents come true, yep he gets accepted into university. And amidst the all the hype, high fives and celebrations in the takeaway store, Bruce decides its time to land a bombshell to his family – yes that he has a girlfriend, and that his girlfriend Rachel is not Chinese….So how will the tiger mum and eccentric father react? well you just have to wait and find out.

Created by Bruce Chong and Chris Chung, Wok is actually based on the real life of Bruce. And if you haven’t noticed, Bruce is quite a handsome young lad, so if you are like me and enjoy fine wine, then you got to follow and watch this show. I must say, if I had to choose, I think both Bruce and Chris are handsome and talented young lads , so I can’t choose, but I admire their passion and tenacity to showcase the best of British Asians that their lives are no different from us in the US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.

From reading their materials, both Bruce and Chris have an impeccable record of making successful films. They first collaborated in 2013 on the award-winning short film Handuken for Virgin Media Shorts (VMShorts) – the UK’s biggest short film competition. Handuken was one of only 12 films shortlisted from over 800 entries to VMshorts. Following the competition, it was distributed to cinemas nationwide, and screened in Los Angeles and New York. So I think Wok will be a great watch, considering they are already successful in their own right.

Now Wok, has not been picked up by any UK TV networks as yet, and being an Indie series they need support from all of you YOMYOMFers. They are running a crowdfunding campaign to get this indie series off the ground, so if you feel the trailer inspires you and you would like to help our fellow Asian brothers, please click on the link to donate. I think to see a Family Law or Fresh off the Boat in the UK will be absolutely #awesome, considering our faces are still not present on both the big and small screens. Having chatted to Chris Chung briefly, I can sense the love and passion he embodies to get this project off the ground. I think this duo will make a great series out of Wok.

I plan to follow the journey of this duo, so you all will be informed as to how the makings of this series develops. With a great story line and experiences which we as Asians can identify with, I personally think this is a winner. But don’t take my word for it, but take a look at the trailer yourself, and make your own judgments!

And for all you keen Wok fans, as a perk, the pilot will be available on vimeo VOD after the UK screening date of 26th May at the London Picturehouse, Central. So watch this space…